Visiting Ghost Towns and Historic Sites

Historic ruins, structures, and artifacts can be extremely fragile and easily damaged.  Theft and vandalism are serious problems, especially on public lands or sites with easy access.  Please leave everything as you found it so that others can see it too.

Watch out for mine shafts, venomous snakes and insects, nails and rusty metal, and unstable structures.

Trespassing is illegal, obviously.  Ask permission to visit sites on private property.

About this Website

“Ghost Town” is commonly used to describe abandoned townsites.  (No, I haven’t seen any ghosts.)  Although the website is named Ghost Town Photography, I am also interested in:

  • Military bases and forts
  • Homesteads and historic ranches
  • Mining districts
  • Logging, railroad, and mining camps


What I am not interested in:

  • “Ghost towns” that are tourist traps, art communities, or commercial operations
  • “Ghost towns” that still have residents


About the Photographer

I have always loved to travel and explore less-known places and always have a camera along.  I’ve also sought out employment and education opportunities that have involved travel and the outdoors, including twelve years as a professional archaeologist and five years as a geologist.  My education includes a B.S. in Outdoor Recreation.  I am now employed as a technician for a geophysical science company that travels extensively.  I have called Raton, New Mexico home for almost 20 years and have been working in New Mexico since 1987.  My wife Liz and son Robert also enjoy outdoor ‘adventures’ and we travel throughout the Southwest, the Rocky Mountains, and even Australia.


There is another Bob Wick, a famous landscape photographer who works for the BLM.  He is not me, and I have no relationship or affiliation with him.  You can see some of his stunning outdoor photography here in this CBS News story:

Copyrights and Permission for Use

All of the photos on this website were taken by me, Bob Wick of Raton, New Mexico.  All photos and website content are copyrighted and may not be used without permission.  If you would like permission to use any of these photos for non-profit use, please use the Contact form below with the details of your request.  These images can be available for commercial use as well.


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