The community of La Veta Pass (the old La Veta Pass, not the current highway pass), began in 1877 as a railroad stop.  In 1899 the tracks were removed but La Veta Pass continued as a logging camp, ski resort, and tourist stop.  In 1962 the new highway 160 was completed over the new La Veta Pass, bypassing the original community.

In 2001 the La Veta Pass property was purchased by two sisters from out east who worked to restore the remaining historic buildings, renaming the place, “Uptop, Colorado.”  They also arranged to have Uptop listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Not corporately commercialized at all, the sisters charged a small fee for visitors to see the museum and explore unattended through the property buildings.

Now the property is listed for sale at a staggering $1.5 Million dollars through Sotheby’s Real Estate.  The current status for visiting Uptop is currently unknown, but anyone can drive through and see the buildings from the public road right-of-way.


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  1. I Do Love Colorado places, locations and Ghost & Extinct Towns a whole lot!! As always Bob, you have some great shares here and interesting places & Stories too!

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