On a small piece of public land in rural Maryland, walking down this road, through the unbearable humidity and a gauntlet of mosquitoes, not sure what I’d find…

Out in the dense forest beyond the end of the road there were signs of a farmyard and the foundation of a very large barn.

Then I saw it…

…the house.

A large two-story farmhouse, covered with moss and ivy, is nearly hidden in the forest.  The roof has large holes, the windows and doors are gone, and water drips and runs through the structure.

Although the floor was too rotten to enter, with joists unattached and sections of flooring missing entirely, it is possible to stand in the doorway and peer inside. I can only imagine what the home and barns must have looked like long ago, tall and stately, surrounded by manicured fields and pasture, located on a slight hill overlooking the Potomac River.


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