Far from the nearest town in a mountainous area of Taos County there are several log cabin ruins in the dense pine forest at an elevation well over 10,000′.  These ruins may or may not be the town of Anchor, New Mexico.

The well-known book, Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of New Mexico by James E. and Barbara H. Sherman describes Anchor:

About a half a mile east of Midnight was the mining town of Anchor.  The settlement’s life was brief, and it’s doubtful that it supported any businesses or much of a population.

Well, that doesn’t describe these ruins’ location at all.  Nor does it match historic maps of the area.

Perhaps confusing to the author, the town of Midnight and the Midnight Mine are not in the same location.  Furthermore the town of Anchor, the famous Anchor Cabin, and the Anchor Mine are three different sites.


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  1. Someday Bob, I look forward in seeing these spots in your neck of the woods. Especially LaBelle/ La Belle.
    Amazing and awesome pictures and histories above.

  2. Wow and Amazingly cool pictures and an very Cool Richness of New Mexico Mining Histories!
    Great Job, well done Bob!


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