Located near the small town of White Oaks, the town site of Jicarilla is located on Forest Service land.  Although the town officially existed only from 1892 – 1942, some miners used the buildings much more recently.  In fact there are active mining claims around the town site and in the surrounding hills.

Log School

Located not far from the main town and near the Jicarilla Cemetery, stands the original log school.

1937 School

A more recent school is also still intact and standing.  The cornerstone plaque indicates the year the school was built.  Although it’s locked, undoubtedly for the ‘protection’ of visitors, these photos taken through a window show the condition of the interior.

Main Town Site

A few houses and outbuildings are still standing, as well as the old post office.


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  1. My family lived in Jicarilla in the images you have posted. The yellow cabin housed Bill and Betty Davis for decades before they passed away….the cabin across the “street” from them was deeded to my parents…my brother and I still own 160 acres of placer claims that surround the old homestead….they have been in the family for decades…once my Great Aunt and Uncle passed away, the Feds prohibited anyone else from occupying the structures, so unfortunately the hunters and other individuals who decide to visit, shoot the buildings up, steal signs, and ransack the buildings…I guess the govt would rather have the buildings ruined than someone occupy and maintain them 🙁 We treasure this peaceful place but it is always bittersweet each time we return. Regards, Odessa Red

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