Camp Hero

Camp Hero was established in 1942 as a series of defensive bunkers and gun batteries built into the hills on the eastern end of Long Island, New York.

With Montauk Lighthouse in the background, artillery stations were set up on the bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean.

Montauk Air Force Station

In 1948 the Air Force placed radar systems on the site, and in 1953 the base was renamed Montauk Air Force Station.

Camp Hero State Park

The Air Force station was decommissioned in 1981, and in 2002 the property was opened to the public as a New York State Park.

The park offers hiking trails, interpretive signs, access to the rocky beach, and picnic day-use facilities.

With the exception of the main radar installation, visitors can walk throughout the entire military base.  The state park has a helpful handout brochure with labels that indicate the buildings’ original functions.

This was one of the most unusual state parks I’ve visited.  Notice that the photos are absent of other people.  There was practically no one else in the park on this Sunday afternoon.  Being alone amid the ruins and dreary skies was an interesting experience.

It was also a nice time of the year for wandering through the woods, with no bugs or poison ivy yet.

This appears to be an old irrigation channel, perhaps to drain water out of the low marshy spots.

It pays to watch your step in the forest around the military installation.

These large support foundations are in a picnic area.

This security gate appears older than the gates on the main road.  It only guards a hiking trail and service road now.

The Cold War-Era radar system stands above the trees and is a landmark for miles around.


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