While staying in Kemmerer, Wyoming with a couple of late afternoon hours to spare, I studied the nearby topo maps to find something of interest on nearby public lands.  Kemmerer is well-known for it’s coal mining history but most of the potential sites were on private property.  But written on one map was the word “Phosphate.”  Thinking this could be a town or community, I set off to find it.

It didn’t take long to find, but unfortunately it wasn’t ever a town.  Based on the large shallow excavated areas and structure remains, I came to the conclusion this was a mining and processing site for the mineral phosphate.

Clusters of sawed lumber fragments may indicate where wooden structures once stood.

Although the site is in generally good condition, modern disturbances include gunshot damage and dumping.

Undoubtedly this turntable is not contemporary to the historic mining.  Obviously, locals have used this location for dumping trash.

This was a rolling mechanism of some sort, a crusher or a piece of road equipment perhaps. Vandals have shot it hundreds of times.



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